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Rhys Winemakers Dinner

Rhys Winemakers Dinner at The BottleShop in Redwood City

Course 1 Savory Panna Cotta ( Carrot and Parsnip, brown butter, blood orange walnut)

Course 2 Bucatini Lo(bster and Clams with Squid ink, vodka sauce)

Course 3 "Whole Duck", ( confit, roasted breast, citrus, raddish)

Course 4 Gennesse Valley Ranch New York Strip, (wild foragged mushroom, truffle, potato pave)

Course 5 Souffle, (sweet cheese, citrus creme anglaise.)

Vegetarian alternatives and pescatarian alternatives will be available, Vegan will not. The price per head is $200/ person and we have 24 seats available.

The Bacchus Bash

The Bacchus Bash, Halloween at The BottleShop in Redwood City

The Bacchus Bash! He’s made the wine and inviting Hades and his hordes to come celebrate the harvest. Athenas are welcome too but leave your whips chains and other devilish artifacts with security! Togas Latex leather fur and feather are all welcome !

Grazing stations and dancing all night and of course lots and LOTS of wine!